Tent FAQ

What is the maximum amount of guests that can be seated under a tent? 400 max.

Is music permitted? Light background music is permitted such as a jazz trio, soft acoustic music, steel drums, or soft background music from speakers. Full bands and highly amplified DJ’s are not permitted.

Is a dance floor permitted? Unfortunately not.

What happens in bad weather? A Sperry Tent is meant to withstand any typical summer storm. A rain storm, windy day or cold temperatures would not restrict us from moving forward.

If it rains, will my guests get wet? You can choose to add a walk way from the ballroom doors of the hotel directly to the tent, this way your guests will not get wet entering or exiting from the tent. Also, every tent comes with sides that can be rolled down to prevent the rain from coming into your party.

Can the tent be air-conditioned? Yes it can! You would contract this directly with Sperry Tents.

Can the tent be heated? Yes it can! You would contract this directly with Sperry Tents.

Can the tent be decorated? Of course! You can speak with Sperry Tents about adding fabric, chandeliers, specialty lighting or other fun decorations. You can also work with a florist or event designer to take a different approach.

Do you offer different sizes of tents? Yes. They are always 40 feet wide but come in different depths. The smallest is 40 feet deep, followed by 60 feet, 80 feet, 100 feet and the largest being 120 feet deep.

How can tents be used? We have used tents for all different functions. It can be the location for just a ceremony, it can the location for just a covered cocktail hour or it can be the location for a seated/buffet style dinner or cocktail reception.

Do you work with multiple tent companies? We advise against it. We trust and highly recommend Sperry Tents. You are in great hands with them.

Can I just book an event on the promenade in a tent without booking a room inside the Molly Pitcher? By booking an event on the Promenade you are also booking our Ballroom, which gives you direct access to our Promenade where the tent would be setup.

What is the minimum amount of guests I have to guarantee to book a tented event? This answer varies depending on the day of the week, please call our Sales Office for more information.